Refills, deposits and withdrawals (payments) regulations

Bitcoin/Litecoin transactions processing

Any transaction in the Bitcoin/Litecoin Network should be confirmed before int can be spent again. In other words, after receiving a transaction you will see it on your wallet immediately, but you won't be able to spend it - you should wait until the transaction is confirmed by the Network. Different services require different confirmations count (usually 2-3). Our program requires only 2 confirmations to speed up the payments processing. Usually the whole confirmation process takes 20-30 minutes (in Bitcoin network a transaction block is signed approximately every 10 minutes), but in some cases depending on the commission you set and current Bitcoin Network load it may take longer. You can always check your transaction status using public services such as,, In case of our program you can use the "More info" in the "Transactions list" on your Dashboard to get a direct link to the transaction information.

Bitcoin/Litecoin Refills and deposits

Any Bitcoin/Litecoin transaction you sent will be settled onto your Deposit Amount after your transaction gets at least 2 confirmations. To check the transaction status you can use the "More info" in the "Transactions list" on your "Dashboard". If you see that your transaction is still unconfirmed - you should just wait until it gets 2 confirmations. Unfortunately none of us can affect the Bitcoin/Litecoin network speed (the only recommendation we can give - do not set too small commission size for the transfers next time).

The minimal refill payment is not regulated, but please note that you will be getting profits only if your Deposit Amount is at least 0.01 BTC (0.1 LTC for Litecoin deposits).

AdvCash/PerfectMoney Refills and deposits

All incoming payments through AdvCash and PerfectMoney, made through the Refill form on our site, are processed automatically within a few minutes after the transfer. Please do not make manual transfers to our PerfectMoney or AdvCash accounts. Such transfers are not processed automatically and you will have to contact the support service for their search and manual processing.

The minimal refill payment is not regulated, but please note that you will be getting profits only if your Deposit Amount is at least 50.00 USD for AdvCash and PerfectMoney deposits.

Deposit Withdrawals

You can withdraw whole or some part of your deposit anytime. The requested part of your deposit body will be transferred to your Withdrawable Balance with a 30.00% commission taken immediately.


The minimal withdrawal limit is 0.01 BTC for Bitcoin deposits, 0.1 LTC for Litecoin deposits and 50.00 USD for AdvCash and PerfectMoney deposits.

Withdrawals are processed on Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM GMT approximately once per hour. On Sundays the processing time is 9AM-8PM GMT approximately once per five hours. We combine users withdrawals in packages to find the balance between commissions minimisation and withdrawals speed.

To process withdrawals over $1000 we have to make withdrawals from our trading accounts which takes some time (3 business days max), so your withdrawal may have such delay. All transactions for over $1000 per day are processed manually by our security department during the daytime to keep the security of our clients' funds at the highest level.

Bitcoin/Litecoin Withdrawals special notes

If you ordered several withdrawals at the same time, they will be processed one by one. So each withdrawal transaction package will include only one of your withdrawals (system will choose the oldest). That's why we recommend you creating a single withdrawal, than splitting it into several smaller.

Affiliate Commissions

You don't have to make any additional steps to withdraw the affiliate profit, it is already on your withdrawable Balance. This means that Affiliate Earnings (commissions) are automatically added to your Withdrawable Balance immediately after each affiliate transaction.

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